Dear donors and friends of MERMAID

On the 30th of August, 2022, the MERMAID Project held a meeting where the research results for the research in MERMAID’s last and largest research project, MERMAID III, was presented.

It was an honor to welcome donors who have faithfully supported the research over the years.


The project’s chairman, Stephan Treschow, described in his welcome speech the background of the MERMAID project:

A young woman was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but at a late stage, as it often is, as it is a cancer that does not show many specific symptoms until late in the course.

Her husband, Peter Vagn-Jensen, came into contact with professor Susanne Krüger Kjær from the Danish Cancer Society and the English professor Ian Jacobs, now vice-chancellor and president of the University of New South Wales in Australia.

The three agreed to establish the research project – the MERMAID Project.

Peter Vagn-Jensen’s wife did not survive the battle against cancer, but she managed to experience that the research that was going to help many other women was started.

It is now 20 years ago.


The research in MERMAID III was completed at the end of 2021, and has since then been evaluated by an independent monitoring group.

The head of the monitoring group, Professor Ranjit Manchanda, commented – in connection with the presentation – on the research via a video recording from London, where he is associated with the Wolfson Institute of Population Health, Barts Cancer Institute and Queen Mary University. Among other things, he praised the researchers for having been very productive, which can be measured, among other things, by the large amount of international scientific publications (249) and presentations (45) that have been delivered as a result of the research. The research results in MERMAID III were presented at the meeting, which took place at the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen, by Professor Susanne Kruger Kjær, who has been responsible for a large part of the research in the MERMAID Project.

MERMAID III’s overall goals have been: Screening, early diagnosis and identification of women at high risk.

In the project, there have been three sub-projects: Early detection and screening, Biomarkers and/or prognostic markers and The Infection Theory.

The total budget has been DKK 36.1 million.

Research results and evaluation of the research can be found on MERMAID’s website: mermaidprojektet.dk under the PROJECTS section.

The researchers who have been responsible for MERMAID’s research continue this research under their own auspices and in collaboration with colleagues, also internationally.

This means that donors who would still like to support the research that has taken place in MERMAID III can do so directly to the researchers in the MERMAID Project.

Inquiries about this can be addressed to Birgitte Blix Treschow, blix@cancer.dk or blix@post5.tele.dk


Prior to MERMAID III, MERMAID’s researchers have carried out important research into ovarian cancer (MERMAID I) and cervical cancer (MERMAID II):


The first research project: Research into ovarian cancer.

Research period 2002-2010.

Objective: Early diagnosis. Heredity and genetic susceptibility. Factors of importance for treatment and survival. Effective screening methods.

Budget: DKK 19.6 million

Results: Among other things, the researchers were able to present important results that showed genetic links as the cause of ovarian cancer. (Read more on MERMAID’s website: mermaidprojektet.dk under the PROJECTS section).


The second research project: Research into cervical cancer.

Research period 2007-2014.

Objective: Identification of risk groups. Effective screening methods, genetic susceptibility, follow-up and treatment.

Budget: DKK 26.3 million.

Results: The researchers have achieved great international recognition for their findings on, among other things, the HPV viruses that cause cervical cancer. For example, they succeeded in identifying one of the HPV virus types as being far more dangerous and more frequent than the other HPV virus types.

A knowledge that has made it possible to become better at helping girls and women all over the world via vaccination against HPV.

(Read more on MERMAID’s website: mermaidprojektet.dk under the PROJECTS section).


It has been the MERMAID Project’s goal all these years to keep the administrative expenses at a minimal level, which has been successful. Thus, the expenses for the administrative costs in MERMAID III have been below 1.7 percent.

Thus, the vast majority of the approx. DKK 82 million, which has been given in donations to MERMAID’s three research projects, could go to the important research – a fact that is recognized in the evaluation report.

The many generous donations from foundations, companies and individuals have created the basis for this vital research to have taken place, and therefore we in the project cannot thank you enough for the many years of support and the trust you donors have shown in the MERMAID Project.